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Publications relating to pirepemat (IRL752)

(3S)‐3‐(2,3‐difluorophenyl)‐3‐methoxypyrrolidine (IRL752) —a Novel Cortical-Preferring Catecholamine Transmission- and Cognition-Promoting Agent

S. Hjorth, S. Waters, N. Waters, J. Tedroff, P. Svensson, A. Fagerberg, M. Edling, B. Svanberg, E. Ljung, J. Gunnergren, S.L. McLean, B. Grayson, N.F. Idris, J.C. Neill and C. Sonesson. The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. DOI:

A Phase 2a Trial Investigating the Safety and Tolerability of the Novel Cortical Enhancer IRL752 in Parkinson's Disease Dementia

Per Svenningsson MD, PhD Per Odin MD, PhD Nil Dizdar MD, PhD Anders Johansson MD, PhD Sotirios Grigoriou MD Panagiota Tsitsi MD Klas Wictorin MD, PhD Filip Bergquist MD, PhD Dag Nyholm MD, PhD Juha Rinne MD, PhD Fredrik Hansson PhD Clas Sonesson PhD Joakim Tedroff MD, PhD for the IRL752 Collaborators. Movement disorder. DOI:

A phase IIa trial studying the safety and tolerability of IRL752 in patients with Parkinson’s disease dementia [abstract]

P. Svenningsson, P. Odin, N. Dizdar, F. Bergquist, A. Johansson, D. Nyholm, K. Wictorin, J. Tedroff. Mov Disord. 2019; 34 (suppl 2). Accessed September 25, 2019.

Publications relating to mesdopetam (IRL790)

Preclinical pharmacology of [2-(3-fluoro-5-methanesulfonylphenoxy)ethyl](propyl)amine (IRL790), a novel dopamine transmission modulator for the treatment of motor and psychiatric complications in Parkinson’s disease

Susanna Waters, Clas Sonesson, Peder Svensson, Joakim Tedroff, Manolo Carta, Elisabeth Ljung, Jenny Gunnergren, Malin Edling, Boel Svanberg, Anne Fagerberg, Johan Kullingsjo, Stephan Hjorth and Nicholas Waters. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. May 1, 2020, jpet.119.264226; DOI:

Safety and tolerability of IRL790 in Parkinson’s disease with levodopa-induced dyskinesia—a phase 1b trial

Per Svenningsson, Anders Johansson, Dag Nyholm, Panagiota Tsitsi, Fredrik Hansson, Clas Sonesson and Joakim Tedroff. npj Parkinson’s Disease 2018;4:35; doi:10.1038/s41531-018-0071-3.

Publications relating to ISP (Integrative Screening Process)

In Vivo Systems Response Profiling and Multivariate Classification of CNS Active Compounds: A Structured Tool for CNS Drug Discovery

Waters S, Svensson P, Kullingsjö J, Pontén H, Andreasson T, Sunesson Y, Ljung E, Sonesson C, Waters N. ACS Chem Neurosci. 2017 Apr 19;8(4):785-797; doi:10.1021/acschemneuro.6b00371.