IRL942 & 1009

Drug candidates IRL942 & 1009 stem from the P001 research program and aims to improve motor and cognitive function associated with Parkinson’s disease. The candidates are in preclinical development phase.

IRL942 & 1009 are intended for treatment of mental and cognitive decline as well as declining motor skills linked to neurodegenerative diseases and aging. IRL942 has been selected as the project’s leading substance and is developed in series with IRL1009, which has similar effects.

Focus on neurodegenerative disorders and aging
Development will initially focus on non-motor systems such as cognition, i.e. attention, memory, learning, consciousness, language, as well as decision making and problem solving. The treatment targets symptoms related to neurodegenerative diseases, but also other conditions associated with aging.

A specific indication will be announced later in the development phase.

Preparations for clinical studies
The IRL942 drug candidate will go through a pre-clinical development program, and also developed to secure a suitable manufacturing method, manufacturing of technical and GMP batches, and development of a drug product (i.e. in a suitable dosage form). Once successfully completed, the drug candidate will be ready for clinical Phase I studies.

Intellectual property rights
Patents have been granted in the US and in Europe for the compounds IRL942 & 1009. For other countries and regions, patent applications relating to these compounds are being prosecuted.