Project portfolio

IRLAB’s project portfolio is based on the company’s research platform ISP and contains a growing number of candidates in development.

Clinical phase

Mesdopetam (IRL790)

Mesdopetam (IRL790) is a dopamine D3 receptor antagonist in development for the treatment of PD-LIDs, troublesome dyskinesias commonly occurring after treatment with levodopa, and psychosis in Parkinson’s disease. A Phase IIb/III study started in November 2020 to evaluate the effect of mesdopetam in patients with Parkinson’s disease affected by troublesome dyskinesias, PD-LIDs. The primary outcome measure is change in daily hours of ON-time without troublesome dyskinesia (“good ON-time”) as assessed with 24-hour patient home diaries.

Mesdopetam has also shown antipsychotic properties and will be further investigated in PD psychosis (PD-P).

Partnership around clinical development and commercialization with Ipsen was entered in 2021.

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Pirepemat (IRL752)

Pirepemat (IRL752) aims to improve the weakness in the cortical neuronal systems involved in balance control, a major contributing factor underlying falls in PD. The risk of falling is strongly associated with cognitive decline. Falls represent a debilitating problem in PD, with serious complications such as fractures, decreased mobility, and a lower quality of life. Pirepemat is in clinical Phase II development stage.

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Preclinical phase

IRL942 & IRL1009

IRL942 & 1009 stem from the P001 research program and aims to improve motor and cognitive function associated with Parkinson’s disease.

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Discovery phase

P001 & P003

The P001 research project comprises of a group of molecules with focus on neurodegenerative disorders and aging.

The P003 research project includes a group of molecules with the potential to develop into drugs that replace levodopa as the treatment of newly diagnosed Parkinson’s disease.

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