IRLAB provides in-depth information on results from successful Phase IIa study with IRL752 in Parkinson’s disease

October 30, 2018

“Leading international experts, KOLs, believe that it is very important to develop treatments against impaired executive functions with axial motor symptoms and dementia, thus strongly supporting IRLAB’s development strategy for IRL752. The study results are also in line with the results of previous preclinical studies and once again demonstrate the value in our research platform, ISP’s, ability to detect new potential treatments”, said Dr. Nicholas Waters, IRLAB CEO.

“The explorative analysis of the study indicates effects of IRL752 on symptoms that are very difficult to treat with presently available drugs. The effect on executive symptoms, which goes beyond the symptoms responding to levodopa treatment, supports the hypothesis that IRL752 affects the systems in the brain that hitherto has been difficult to treat. The results create favorable conditions for the design of the forthcoming Phase IIb effect study with IRL752”, said Dr. Joakim Tedroff, IRLAB’s Chief Medical Officer.

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