Annual General Meeting 2021

The annual general meeting 2021 will be held on May 6, 2021. Due to the pandemic, it will only be held digitally.

Due to the continued spread of the virus that causes covid-19, the Board of Directors has resolved that the Annual General Meeting will be held solely by postal vote in accordance with the Act (2020:198) on Temporary Exemptions to Facilitate the Execution of General Meetings and Association Meetings in order to secure shareholders safety. This means that the Annual General Meeting will be held without the attendance of shareholders, proxies and outsiders, i.e. physical participation at the Annual General Meeting will not be possible. Participation in the Annual General Meeting will instead take place via a digital postal voting form.

Presentation ahead of IRLAB’s digital AGM 2021 (in Swedish)

Video contents:
00:10 Viktor Siewertz, CFO, says welcome, describes digital AGM and voting
01:00 Gunnar Olsson, Chair of Board, holds speech
10:45 Martin Nicklasson, newly proposed board member, holds personal presentation
12:35 Nicholas Waters, CEO, starts company presentation
29:30 Viktor Siewertz, CFO, comments
31:45 Nicholas Waters, VD, concluding words

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Notice and other documents

The notice also includes suggestions regarding principles for the nomination committee as well as guidelines for salary and other compensation to senior management.

IRLAB – Notice to AGM 2021

IRLAB – Nomination committees proposal and motivated opinion 2021 (in Swedish)

Annual report 2020 (in Swedish; includes auditor’s report, corporate governance report, auditor’s report on the corporate governance report)

IRLAB – Remuneration report 2020 (in Swedish)

IRLAB – Opinion about remuneration (in Swedish)


Voting will be carried out through a digital form, access through link below.

Link to voting site (Language can be changed in upper right corner)

Proxy form

IRLAB AGM 2021 – Proxy Form