Transforming life for patients with Parkinson’s disease

Developing novel treatments for Parkinson’s disease, driving change for patients with the most troublesome symptoms: involuntary movements occurring upon long-term use of levodopa (LIDs) and impaired balance leading to falls.

Two clinical phase II candidates

Mesdopetam (IRL790) in development to treat levodopa-induced dyskinesia (LIDs), i.e. involuntary movements occurring upon long-term treatment with levodopa in Parkinson’s disease. Read more >

Pirepemat (IRL752) in development to treat impaired balance (postural dysfunction) leading to falls in Parkinson’s disease. Read more >

Proprietary technology platform

The research and development program is generated by the proprietary technology platform, the Integrative Screening Process (ISP). Read more >

We’re looking for an Analytical Chemist to join our team!

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Latest press release

Report from the annual general meeting of IRLAB Therapeutics AB

May 6, 2021

IRLAB Therapeutics AB held its Annual General Meeting on May 6, 2021. In order to counteract the virus that causes covid-19, the Annual General Meeting was held solely by postal voting without physical participation. The following main resolutions were resolved upon at the Annual General Meeting. Disposition of the company´s results The AGM resolved that […]

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Latest presentation

Interview with CEO and CFO regarding the December -20 share issue (Swedish)

December 21, 2020 Read More >